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You've found zedela. Being active in the field of data-driven empowerment and critical research on diversity and racism for many years, we have made our dream come true and founded our own institutional home. Zedela is born. However, being busy with various ongoing projects, we ask for your patience until our proper website goes online by the end of the year. Stay tuned ...

About zedela.

The Zentrum für Data-driven Empowerment, Leadership and Advocacy (zedela) gUG is an independent, civil society think tank based in Berlin. We are BPoC-led, communities-oriented, and justice-driven. We work at the intersection of critical research on diversity, racism and discrimination and the development of BIPoC leadership programs. In our advocacy for diversity, empowerment, and anti-discrimination, quantitative and qualitative data plays a central role in developing evidence-based recommendations for interventions, programs and institutional change. We are researchers, activist scholars, consultants and speakers, providing cross-sectoral foundations for a diversity-oriented transformation process and equality for marginalized and racialized people.

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Daniel Gyamerah


Deniz Yıldırım-Caliman

Head of Research

Teresa Ellis Bremberger


Joshua Kwesi Aikins

Senior Researcher

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